Turkey and Pilgrim Hat Sweets

These adorable little turkeys have been all over the internet this season, but just in case you haven’t run across them, I’m sharing them here too!

I used this tutorial, and will just refer you there rather than writing another one myself!  Here are a few other tips for you, based on my experience:

1) If it’s past candy-corn season, or if you simply don’t care for it, use Mike & Ike’s candies instead!  One movie-theater size box from Wal-Mart worked for me, making 28 turkeys (and of course I ate a few too!).  If you use Mike & Ike’s, just squish one end flat with your fingers so it will fit in between the cookie layers.  And don’t push the candies in too far, or your cookie will break!

2) Be sure NOT to get gel icing tubes; they will not work!  Look for writing icing.

3) You really should use chocolate frosting to glue the little guys together; I just used a tube of white I had, and you can tell! 

4) The little turkeys posted in the tutorial look perfect; if you do this with a 4yo and an almost 2yo, they will look more like mine, but it will be a really fun project for all of you!

5) The best people for whom to make this treat are little boys.  They absolutely LOVE decapitating the turkey in one bite.  And it’s incredibly fun to watch!  Maybe it’s just me… 🙂

6) When you buy your materials, allow for cookies that will be broken in the boxes before you even start, and over-zealous little helpers who will send a few more to their doom 🙂

7) Refrigerate the peanut butter cups for a bit before starting; they’ll be easier to cut and to glue on without getting smashed.

And finally,

8) Don’t worry about making them perfect; they simply have to resemble a turkey in some form, and they will be devoured as soon as they are spotted!  Such a fun project from beginning to the turkey’s end!

So, even though Thanksgiving is past, feel free to whip up some little turkey friends; you’ll be glad you did! 

We also made the pilgrim hats; this one was so simple that my kids did almost everything themselves!  I helped with actually placing the marshmallows on the cookies, but they could have done this as well if I’d had more time to clean up the mess sure to ensue :).  One little note on this: again, don’t use gel icing, it doesn’t show up and just runs.  Once you get the hats together, stick them in the freezer for a little bit to firm them up.  Then turn them on their sides to put on the little buckle with yellow frosting, and leave them that way until they dry.  Otherwise, that icing runs as well!


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