Organization Extravaganza Continues

I set an ambitious goal for myself last week in determining to present all of the listed Organization Extravaganza projects by Saturday.  A little TOO ambitious, as it turns out!  And, my perfectionism kicked in high gear!  The debilitating kind!

I was working on this tutorial for the pin board mail/storage boxes, and I just couldn’t get it finished on Friday as I had hoped.  So, I began avoiding my blog!  I did not log in one single time from Friday until today!  It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t as planned, and I couldn’t handle it!  Oh my.

But I learned something between Friday and today.  Or rather, was reminded of this: my blog is for fun and to motivate me to actually complete the projects I start, in order to bless my family.  I spelled it out in my very first post!  It’s not my job.  My job is caring for and educating my children, and being a helpmeet for my husband.  When my need to finish projects and blog them began to take away from time I could, and should, have been spending with my children, I rightly stepped away and focused on them.  But I did so feeling like a failure.

THAT was the perfectionism talking!  And I listened!  But no more.  Organization Extravaganza will continue, but it’s not going to be a one-week event now!  The listed projects will be finished in the next couple of weeks because they have to be for other deadlines (such as, one is a gift!), and I will blog them.  And I hope you will enjoy and be blessed by them!

But even if you’re not, they will have blessed my family.  I am trying to be perfect as my Heavenly Father is perfect, not as I think a person should be perfect, and I am sure that He wants me to place my family before any of you.  I trust you’re not offended; you are an encouragement to me along the way, and I think you understand!

Taking a break from Organization Extravaganza doesn’t mean I’m not crafting however; certain projects have simply taken priority!  For example, this soon-to-be travel pillow (which will be complete with a travel blanket in which it can be wrapped, and the whole thing carried with a strap!):

and an Advent Book!  I have no pictures of this one yet, as it’s in beginning stages…but as Advent begins Sunday, it’s going to take form VERY soon!  We are going to be out of town for most of Advent this year, and so cannot follow some of our previous traditions that involved large posters and such; it’s going to be portable!  I can’t wait to finish and then show you! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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