Organization Extravaganza! The Bulletin Board Storage/Mail Box, plus Friday Flop

Meet Organization Central of my house!  Did you  notice the Monthly and Weekly Planners hanging to the left of the desk, and the Daily Dottie to the right?  [My blog isn’t letting me link to those two projects, but if you go to my home page, you’ll find them!]  It needs something else though, doesn’t it?  Aside from the fact that the desk is awaiting rebirth under an espresso finish and brushed nickel hardware, and the fact that the chair currently residing at the desk aspires to be something more like this one from West Elm…

Wrap Dining Chair

This project was designed to fill the space over the desk, with four squares that would be mailboxes combined with pinboards.  But, there was a bit of a Friday Flop involved…and they aren’t going to work there!  However, I am still very pleased with them, and they’ll be finding a home!  Just not where I had thought…


Here are two of the four I made; you can judge their size from the workbooks in the middle (I’m not really advertising Transition Math, promise 🙂 ).  They are about 13 inches square.  I had wanted them to be this size to fill the space over the desk, and to have a nice area for pinning things up on each one, but they aren’t going to work very well as mail boxes as I had hoped; they’re too deep and thin to get your arm all the way in to the bottom! 

As you can see, however, they are excellent for storing workbooks and notebooks!  As we’ll be doing more homeschooling beginning in January with my 4 1/2 yo (at his request), we’re starting a Sonlight-ish program.  (In other words, a buy-your-own-taking-advantage-of-the-20%-Barnes-and-Noble-educator-discount-and-include-Spanish-language-books Sonlight 🙂 )  And that means more books, which makes us very excited!  One of these would be perfect for storing the books for the day, having them ready to go in the morning!  And another would be excellent for storing my planning notebooks.

They’re going to be very useful, and I am going to love them!  They’re just not what I thought I was making!  Does that ever happen to you?  I think a big ribbon board may be coming in the near future to fulfill my original intent!

I’ll be back with the complete tutorial tonight!  You can make these as I have, or you can take advantage of tips I’ll provide to make them in other ways, such as to suit the original purpose!  This project was completely free for me, taking advantage of materials and tools I already had; but I’ll also show you how to make this even if you have no materials already, and it will still cost less than $15 for all four!


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