Organization Extravaganza: Project List

Interested in knowing what Organization Extravaganza projects are yet to come?  Here’s the blueprint for the week!  Links will be posted here each day as well, so you can get to all of the projects from one post!

1) The Daily Dottie!   A fun, reusable daily routine organizer.  Plus ideas for Daily Routines, which will make your life easier!

2) Monthly and Weekly Wall Planners   An effective way to keep up with your schedule, and tips for getting your kids involved.

3) Daily Visual Schedule for Kids  A fun way to help your children know the routine and special events of the day, as well as develop literacy.

4)Family Mailbox/Bulletin Boards  An easy DIY project that will give each family member their own organizing space on the wall.

5) Reusable Weekly Meal Planner   Plan your dinners in style with this simple, crafty meal board.  No writing down the names of all of your recipes required, and much more fun (and decorative) than a white board!

6) Homeschool Unit and Daily Planners  Freebies to help you stay on track, whether you need to plan a unit, a day, or log hours!

7) Meal Prep Boxes Devote a little time one day a week to doing simple meal prep for the week’s meals, and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation the rest of the week!

8) Simple Stuffed Animal Storage No sewing, no tools, just simple storage for $10!


4 thoughts on “Organization Extravaganza: Project List

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