Organization Extravaganza: Monthly and Weekly Planners

Today’s Organization Extravaganza feature is the least crafty of the bunch, but it’s effective for me so I’m including it in the line-up!    

My Organization Central is my little desk nook, and to the left of my desk you will find these on the wall:

I picked these up at Wal-Mart last year; the wood color is perfect, matching the rest of my furniture, and keeping my organization from being an eyesore.  If you prefer something with more personality, just search crafy blogland for dry erase calendars, and you’ll find many to inspire you!

At the top is the monthly calendar, positioned high on the wall to avoid child (or adult!) smudging of important information!

Having this calendar near my computer and with other organizational items, such as my Daily Dottie, means it’s easy to glance over at night and see what the next day holds.  No more forgotten meetings or appointments for pictures!  And checking it nightly eliminates the mad morning rush when you realize you haven’t washed the clothes you wanted the children to wear for pictures, and as they’re covered in chocolate pudding, even wearing them dirty isn’t an option… 🙂

Below is the general bulletin board and to-do list; unlike the Daily Dottie, these are special, one-time projects that need to be accomplished.  Having them near the desk and computer helps keep them fresh.  Sometimes I think all day about a project I want to work on that night, but as soon as I get the children in bed, my mind goes blank and I completely forget it! 

On the bulletin board is a simple weekly planner that I make each week with the aid of my children.  I tell them certain things I need to do that week, such as grocery shopping, and let them help pick which day would be best for that.  I run three times a week, and they go with me in the jogging stroller.  I try to run somewhere fun, so it’s more enjoyable for them!  Even better is letting them help pick which days they want to go.  I also stick any meetings on there, or vacation.  Each event is written on a simple small label sticker, and they get to stick them on the planner.  Once we have the essentials, we look to see where we’ll have free time that week, and I let them pick a few special activities to put on the calendar.  Sometimes they choose a trip to Lowe’s, sometimes my 4yo schedules special bike-riding time, sometimes they block out an afternoon to be sure to stay home and play all together!  This helps them feel like they have a little more control over their lives, and they’re more cooperative about the things like grocery and wal-mart trips that are essential, but not necessarily at the top of their fun-things-to-do lists!

One last tip: Always store your dry-erase markers upside down!  As a teacher, I found this extended their life by at least double! 

I hope you’ve found something helpful here today!  Be sure to check back the rest of the week for more organization projects; the rest are crafty/DIY projects that I think you’ll really enjoy!  See the list of Organization Extravaganza projects for more details!


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