Organization Extravaganza: The Daily Dottie!!!

Welcome to The Practical Perfeccionista’s Organization Extravaganza, a week-long celebration of organization techniques and projects!  First up: The Daily Dottie! 

It sounds fun already, doesn’t it?  Organization doesn’t have to feel like a chore!  It was feeling burdensome to me, so I decided to find some ways to make it fun!  My organization area in which fun was most needed was my daily routines!  Do you have routines?  If not, you should try it!  I’m not consistent with my routines yet, but I can already tell just how much more smoothly my life and household will run if Ican stay with my routines.  The day after a good day of routines followed is always wonderful!  I wake up and feel the peace, rather than the stress of so many things to do, and no hope of finishing them.

So, how to make my routines fun?  There are plenty of ways to make things like loading the dishwasher fun.  For example, time yourself!  How much can you accomplish while you warm something up in the microwave for 45 seconds?  You’d be surprised!  Or find a little helper who is learning colors or names of silverware, and yell the name of everything you load or put away!  Or dance across the kitchen with your plate – with or without your favorite music playing! 

What I really needed, though, was some motivation to do all of my routines daily.  Lists happen to work for me, and charts with stickers; there’s nothing like getting a gold star, right?  I wanted something reusable though, and also something that would allow me to change my routines as necessary.  And, of course, it needed to be fun!  And thus was born my Daily Dottie!

I made my Daily Dottie routine list, placed it in a picture frame I had already, and hung it on the wall in “organization central” in my house, a little nook with the desk, computer, and other organizational aids (two of which you’ll see later this week!).  You can use dry erase markers on glass, and they wipe off easily.   So as soon as I complete a routine, I can fill in the dot next to it, and get a visual of my progress!  I like seeing those filled-in dots!

Here’s another look:

I happen to think that the most fun part of this is the font.  In  Times New Roman, it just wasn’t motivating me at all!  So I used a fun font called “Phank” that I found at Urban Fonts; it’s free to download if you’d like to have it as well!  It’s simple to download a font. If you aren’t sure how, check out their help page.

I wanted to post this document online so you could make it your own – a FREEBIE! – but I can’t with the same font that I used.  I did make a version with another font, and you are welcome to use it (for your own personal use, please).  Put in your routines, stick it in an 8×10 frame (you’ll have to trim the page a bit, but all of the writing will fit), hang it up, and have FUN!!!

Here’s a link to the not-as-fun-font-style Daily Dottie:
Click the link, then the icon that comes up, and then the big icon that looks like a blank document.  If this link doesn’t work for you, please let me know!

This post is long enough; I’m going to write a separate post about my specific routines.  Head over there if you’re interested!

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