Organization Extravaganza: My Daily Dottie Routines

I’ve shown you my Daily Dottie and how it works; now I’ll explain my routines!  They’re very simple.  You might want to use some of them, or you might be inspired to form your own set!  When I follow these, life is peaceful and smooth.  When I don’t, well…let’s just say I can definitely see the difference!  I’m still not consistent with these, but I’m working on it!  And remember, any routines completed will bless your life and your family!  Even if only one was completed that day, it’s still an accomplishment…and you get to fill in a dot!  It works for me at least :).

On to the routines:

1) Lay out tomorrow’s clothes: seems like what your mom made you do in elementary school, doesn’t it?  But it is a huge time and sanity saver!   Give it a try.

2) Log school hours: I’m homeschooling, and am required to keep track of hours.  I have a fun homeschool log I use, which I will share with you later this week!

3) Run dishwasher: If you run it at night, you can empty it first thing in the morning, and then the dirty dishes don’t have be piled in the sink or on the countertop!

4) Check laundry: Doing one load of laundry a day will keep you from getting overwhelmed!  My schedule says “check” laundry, because some days I don’t have to do any!  It also reminds me about that load that is STILL in the dryer!  You know, the one you’ve fluffed five or six times, intending to fold it? 

5) Prep tomorrow’s dinner: Put any meat from the freezer into the refrigerator, or prep the crock of the crock pot so it can be stuck in and turned on in the morning before leaving for work or errands.  Having a plan the night before means any grocery runs can be made too, and you avoid the 4:00 pm  “what do I make now???” routine!

6) Update schedule: This refers to the visual schedule I have for my children.  I’ll show that to you this week as well!

7) 15-minute cleaning dash: Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean whatever is bothering you most.  The kitchen?  Living room?  Your dresser covered with several weeks of clean clothes and piles of “important” things you put there when company showed up?  Do you know what a dent you can make in only 15 minutes?

8) School plans for tomorrow: Again, homeschooling, and again, I have a fun way of doing this that I’ll share!

9) Exercise: I run or do Pilates, and am hoping to add in a little bit of a hand weights routine.  You can do anything  you enjoy!  Walking is a wonderful form of exercise if you’re not sure how to start!

10) My projects: I always have several!  Finding a little time to work on them brings me joy, and since they’re often something for my family, blesses them too!  I usually do this at night, since my children are little.

11) Label pictures: I had formed the habit of labeling all pictures I developed, with names (I always use the date stamp on my camera so I don’t have to label that).  Then I put them in inexpensive little flip books, the ones that hold 100 photos each.  This went very well until about a year ago, when I first got behind, and I haven’t caught up still!  But if I label one pack each night, it will be caught up before I know it!

12) Blog: I often have to leave this for last, or I get sucked into blogland!!!

13) E-mail: I need a reminder to reply to e-mails I’ve received.

14) Special room cleaning: I work on one room per week, getting it as “perfect” as I can.  It gets a little extra scrubbing, de-cluttering, and de-spiderwebbing.  It will be dirty and cluttered again, but it won’t be as bad if I keep up with this!

15) Shine sink and countertops: I get things out of my sink (washed or in the dishwasher), and clear off the countertops as much as possible.  Then I use Soft Scrub with bleach on the sink, Windex on the faucet, and Clorox wipes on the countertops.  I know, those aren’t green products at all.  I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m sure I will!  One thing at a time :).  As we have an open floor plan, I see into the kitchen the second I step out of my hallway from the bedroom in the morning, and having a [mostly] clean sink and countertops really brings a smile to my face and helps start the day on an excellent note! 

A note on my routines: These are heavily influenced by Fly Lady.  If you haven’t met her yet, please consider this your introduction!

And one more note: I have yet to have a day where I’ve been able to fill in all of my dots.  But I’m trying to lean to the practical rather than the perfectionist side of me: it takes time to implement routines, and any dots filled in mean that I’m a little more organized, and life is going to go a little more smoothly, and my family is going to be blessed!


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