Crayon Roll!!!

I know, I know, EVERYONE has made a crayon roll.

Except me! 

Well, now I have.  It was my second sewing project.  Remember those bean bags?  This project turned out better on my first attempt than the first beanbags.  There will be a second (and certainly room for improvement!) as my daughter demands one now too.

Is there anything better than making something for your children, and seeing them love it?  Even them fighting over it somehow feels nice :).  Well, mostly…

I would show you a picture, but my son currently has said crayon roll in his possession, while off on an adventure with Papi (that’s what he calls my husband).

So, picture to come.  And, a tutorial!  There are some great tutorials.  I used one from Chocolate on My Cranium and one from Skip to My Lou, and you should definitely check those out.  But, if you’re like me and are a brand new sewer, you will likely enjoy my tutorial that will include a few more details!  These are things I figured out along the way that more experienced sewers would have known already.  I also changed up the pattern a tiny bit to allow for a velcro closure, rather than the ribbons.  My son wouldn’t have been able to tie the ribbon around the roll, which would have defeated the purpose!

So much to look forward to now!  Crayon roll tutorial (which will make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer for any child, given how much mine loves it!), and Organization Week, a.k.a. Organization Extravaganza!!!


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