Friday Flop 11/5/10

I know, it’s Monday.  Monday evening, at that!  But I forgot to post my flop on Friday…or I was too lazy, which has been a problem as my to-do list gets longer and the number of days prior to a big trip in December grows ever smaller!  And I don’t want you to think that I got through the week without a flop.  So here it is.

Well, I’ll let you exercise your brains a little bit.  Here are two hints first:


Are you getting it yet?  Here are two more:

Okay, that one was a little exaggerated, but still true…

One more hint:

Know what that one is?  Yes, HAIL!  I missed the hail.  Purely by the grace of God.

Well, if you haven’t figured it out, here’s the story, the short-and-sweet version.

1) It’s a run day.  I’ve checked the forecast.  Nice temperature, no chance of rain.

2) I put the children in the jogging stroller (which, by the way, is a LIFESAVER). 

3) I look up and note a large gray cloud.  But, since no rain is forecast, I don’t worry about it.  I even think it appears to be moving the other direction.  I should have, at this point, realized that I still have no idea in what direction clouds move here.  I’ve only lived here for one year, and in my previous experience, clouds moved from west to east.  Occasionally northeast.  Here, they go in all sorts of directions!  Should have checked the radar.

4) I run to the park.  I feel terrible.  And I’m slow.  I kick myself for staying up too late.  I wasn’t even productive!

5) Just before getting to the park, I feel raindrops.  I am thankful that I put the rain cover on the stroller (intending to protect them from a chilly wind), and run on. 

6) We play in the park.  It rains a little.  We like rain.  No problem.

7) I hear a loud noise.  It kind of sounds like thunder.  But there will be no rain today, so I account for it by observing the semi trucks passing by, which frequently make such loud noises.

8)  I hear it again.  And am sure it’s thunder.  And note that the gray cloud is closer and looking more threatening.

9) I quickly gather the children and take off toward home, knowing I’m going to get wet, and hoping to not be struck by lightning.

10) I try to ignore the people staring and wondering why I’m stupid enough to be running in a thunderstorm.  I am thankful for the nice lady who offers to give us a ride, but I’m almost home so I turn it down.

11) I take a short cut home, which involves cutting across railroad tracks and through a neighbor’s yard.  Still praying the lightning doesn’t hit me, as there’s lots of thunder and ever-increasing rain.

12) Just as I get to my house, the downpour begins in earnest!  I carefully extract one child at a time without removing the rain cover, manage to get them and our stuff in the house, and dry off! 

13) Husband arrives home with hail in his truck bed – his work is less than a quarter mile from the park we were at!  Thankful I didn’t get the hail!

Lessons learned:

1) Don’t trust the weather forecast.  Check the radar. 

2) Get a good night’s sleep, because you never know when you may need to outrun a thunderstorm!

Flop, flop, flop.

BUT today I had a great run!  Best of this year I think!  I have to share because I’m so excited: 3.23 miles in 27:59, and I could still breathe at the end!  It was a nice, fun run.  Guess what?  I went to bed at a decent hour last night.  See what a good night’s sleep can do?


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