Coming soon: Organization Extravaganza!

I finished a quick, fun little project to help keep me on track last night.  I have found that if I follow through on certain simple routines, life in my household runs smoothly, and no one trips over dirty clothes or lands on dirty dishes.  Not that I’m actually CONSISTENT with those routines, of course.  But they do work.  So, I found a fun way to motivate me (hopefully!) to keep up with those routines.  So far, so good today!

But I’m not going to show you now!

I realized I’ve just finished, and am close to completing, five organization-oriented projects.  That means I have enough ready for a theme week!  So, next week it is!   The Practical Perfeccionista’s Organization Extravaganza!  Complete with giveaways???  I’m not sure I have enough readers for giveaways yet, but we may try it!  If you enter, I think you’ll have a good chance of winning!

Don’t forget to check back; the merriment begins Monday, November 15th!  Just in time to get organized before the holidays! 

And I MIGHT give a few sneak peeks this week, we’ll see!  All projects next week will include tutorials!  Though honestly, these are quick, simple projects that barely require them!  Get excited!


 Project One is the Daily Dottie!  It’s a daily organization help to motivate you in forming and following simple routines that will make life easier!


4 thoughts on “Coming soon: Organization Extravaganza!

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