Children’s Birdhouse Exhibition at Lilla.A.

I have to share this with you, because if you have children, you are DEFINITELY going to want to participate in this!  Have you met Lilla A?  You need to!  She has amazing ideas EVERY DAY, and you will be completely inspired every time you check out her blog.  But, my favorite part of her blog is the children’s exhibitions she has been sponsoring! 

This time it is birdhouses.   Check out the inspiration she’s provided:

Adorable, right?  Remember, this isn’t a competition, just a fun exhibition, allowing your child to put their work on display for the world! 

Her most recent completed exhibition was making a galaxy, and children sent in photos of their planets.  Check it out:

So go now, RUN over to Lilla A’s blog, and check out the details for the birdhouse exhibition.  Entries must be received by next Tuesday, November 16th, so you’ll want to get started!!!  We’re beginning ours today!


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