Pinecone Door Hanging/Wreath Finished!

Here it is, as promised!  I promised better pictures in the last pine cone post, and I finally was able to get them! 

Pine cones are everywhere already, and about a million more are ready to fall!  So when I wanted some fall decoration in the house, the first place I went was outside!  I prefer modern over rustic styles, so wanted to do something different with the pinecones.  Then my stash of spray paint caught my eye…and my glue gun…and this was born!

I originally tried just hot gluing the pinecones together in groups of five to make a star shape, but discovered that the glue wasn’t strong enough for that.  Instead, I found a my son’s box from his new set of Duplo Legos, and cut out pentagons.   I cut out the center of the pentagons, and then I poked two holes in each side of the pentagon.  I cut short pieces of fishing line, and tied one pinecone on each side of the pentagon.  This gave me my star! 

Then I tied the three pentagons together, with fishing line again.  It’s incredibly strong, and fairly invisible! 

After hanging it up, I discovered that you could see more of the pentagon than I liked, so first I cut off the corners in between the pinecones, and then I used a sharpie marker to color the rest black.  I wanted to color the back of the pentagon as well, as it can swing around so that it is visible, but my 4yo insisted that he wanted to still be able to see the pictures from the lego box.  I acquiesced, so if you see some glimpses of legos, this is why :).  There’s more to life than picture-perfect projects, right?

Now I have some door decoration, and it feels a little more like fall around here!

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