$8 Armoire Redo with Pottery Barn-inspired knobs

Actually, it only cost seven dollars and change!  I love the Pottery Barn Kid/Teen dotted knobs, and wanted to use them, but they didn’t happen to fit into the budget.  So, I went to Lowe’s, found round wooden unpainted knobs, fixed them up, changed them out with the plain boring white knobs that were on this armoire previously, and ended up with this:

We’re doing  a navy/white/splashes of yellow internationally-themed room for my little girl, and these knobs helped tie the armoire into the scheme.  The box to the right is in danger of becoming the world’s cutest play refrigerator, watch for that in weeks to come!

I bought the six knobs, and painted them blue.  The paint was left over from previous projects, so it didn’t add any  cost to this one.  It’s the same blue I used to paint the tree in her bed nook.

I had intended to paint the knobs with little white dots, like the Pottery Barn Kids ones, but decided to go with dragonflies instead.  They’re part of her decor in other parts of the room as well, being  a symbol used in many cultures.

The dragonflies came from a craft punch.  First I tried punching cardstock and then using that as a stencil on the knobs; it worked on pillowcases I did for her, but not on these knobs!  So, instead I used the dragonfly cut out, and modgepodged it onto the painted knob.  Well, actually I think I just used Elmer’s glue instead of modge podge, as that’s what I had on hand!

A few simple knobs made a big difference in her room; maybe you have a dresser that needs a quick update too?  For less than $8 and 1 hour of work, I’m pleased!

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