Fun Crochet Bumblebee

These are the two bugs who are allowed to live in our house without fear of being squashed.  They’re good friends :). 

As I’m on a roll with finishing [last year’s!] Christmas presents, and as my 1 1/2yo left her currently indispensible stuffed monkey at church this past Sunday, I finally, FINALLY got around to finishing up this little bumblebee.  He’s been flitting around the house all year, but without any eyes to guide him, and his legs and antennas were occasionally left behind!

I attempted to crochet the legs on, rather than sew, but it was unsuccessful.  So, out came the needle and thread, plus the yarn to make a couple of [absolutely the same size] eyes so this little guy can fly without worry!

He doesn’t really look very friendly here, though, does he?  But look what happens with the addition of a bit of red thread:

A little smile makes all the difference, doesn’t it?  Just like in real life.

After flitting around the kitchen, he though he’d like to join my son for some hoops:

…but as he wasn’t really intending to BE the basketball, he abandoned him to return to his true friend Ladybug.

Happy together, aren’t they?  And a certain little girl is thrilled with the bumblebee.  He couldn’t find anyone to love him half as much, so he’s quite content as well.  And as he’s slightly rotund, he doesn’t mind having some of that stuffing squeezed right out of him.

This little guy was made with a pattern found on Lion brand yarn, at Wal-Mart; I believe he is still on some of them if you’d like to add a member of his family to your own!



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