Inspiration Notebook

Meet my new best friend, my Inspiration Notebook!  I love looking at magazines and such and getting inspiration for projects, decorating schemes, color, etc., but I hate the piles that have been forming!  So when I ran across this fun notebook (which had been intended to be part of a gift, but I had put it in a “safe” place, i.e. so safe I could never find it!), there was a brilliant flash of lightening accompanying a stroke of genius: cut out the pictures and put them in the notebook!  Then throw away (or better, recycle!) the rest of the magazines!  Pure genius.  I’m sure at least five million people have already thought of this, but it was new to me, and I was excited.   

Five subject notebook = five areas of inspiration, right?  Here they are:


This page itself could be more inspiring.  That’s a future project though :).  If you’re not a Spanish speaker, this says “Home Decor” (more or less, translation is tricky!)  Here’s one page in that section:

I believe all of this came from West Elm.  I love those plates, surely there’s a good way to do it yourself?  And the wreath; I’m going to do that, but use a bunch of the sweet gum seed balls that are going to be covering my yard in about a month, possibly painted in fun fall colors.

This is from Pottery Barn.  I really LOVE this organization system.  Has anyone found a good way to make boards hang from a rod like that? 


Furniture!  And my favorites so far in this category:

These amazing chairs from West Elm!  I love them.  Maybe I’ll have some Christmas money to use on these?  They’re actually much more affordable than I thought, and less expensive than their counterparts at CB2, which I also love.


Children!  Pretty much a given if you have kids!  It’s so fun to decorate for them and find projects to do together!

Mostly Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen here.  I love that most of this is something you can make yourself if you want to!  That paper/ribbon chandelier inspired me, a project is in the works for my little girl’s room!  Of course, it’s been in the works since about April…

I love that calendar!  I have some white board paint I picked up on clearance at Lowe’s, and would love to paint that!  Paint is cheaper than decals, and for things like this, you don’t have to be an artist!  I just need a good place to put such a calendar…

These make me want to quilt!!!  I always hated quilts, just not my style, but recently I’ve run across many modern quilters in blogland, and I am SO inspired!  I found quilts I can love!  And I would really love to make one for my daughter, but I want it to be one that she’ll love because she likes it, not just because I made it!

PBK Thanksgiving ideas.  Knock-offs DEFINITELY in the works for some of these!!!

This is a project for my pinecone-collecting son, especially when they really start to drop next month!  There are massive pine trees all around us, so there will be no shortage of supplies for this garland!


Clothes!  A big reason I’m learning to sew is so that I can make some dresses for my daughter; it’s extremely difficult to find one that fits her!  She only has one right now, and I had to do a little altering just to make it work!

Is it odd that some of my dress inspiration came from the American Girl Doll catalogue?  I have to say, that yellow one in the center is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  I’m going to figure that one out for sure!

FIFTH (and last) CATEGORY:

FOOD!  I have a recipe book in which I shove carefully place recipes I cut out, but this is for pretty food, like decorated cakes, or table settings, things like that.

Obviously, there hasn’t been much inspiration in this category yet, but there will be!

I’ve gone through four or five catalogues already, and gotten rid of the leftovers; my pile is shrinking, and my inspiration is close at hand.  Perfect!

UPDATE: Several weeks later, new inspiration continues to be added to my notebook, and my pile continues to shrink…or at least stay constant, which I view as a victory given all the extra Thanksgiving and Christmas issues of catalogues that have been coming my way!  And if you like this organization tip, you’ll want to be sure to join us for The Practical Perfeccionista’s Organization Extravaganza!  It’s a week-long organization fest beginning this Monday, 11/15.  Check out the sneak peek here!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Notebook

  1. great idea and a good incentive to tear up those catalogs and get them out of your life! I always was too tempted to save them….now there’s nothing remotely similar coming in my mail box! thanks for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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