More Paper Doll Fun!

Yesterday I was inspired and made these magazine paper dolls; it just wasn’t enough, so I made more tonight!  I thought having some children would be a nice addition, so I found some Land’s End boys, and couldn’t resist using the American Girls from the catalogue that arrived in the mail today!

My son will appreciate having some boys in the mix!  It’s all fall clothing, given the recent catalogues I used, but I think it will be fun to add more from other seasons.  Then we can talk about weather and clothing choices too!  Opportunities for fun learning abound :).

Shall I admit that I ALWAYS wanted one of the American Girls dolls?  My favorite was Samantha.  She’s retired now, apparently, so sad!  Even if those dolls (and their clothes, and hair brushes, and accessories) are beyond your budget, you can still share this version with your little girl!  Mine is going to be very excited, especially by the one that has a little white dog. 

I’ve shown them to you all matched up thus far, but you can mix their clothes and heads as well:

You can see the other ones I made, as well as exactly how I did it, by clicking here!  (And you’ll see the math manipulatives that happened along the way as well!)

Again, if you have young children, please be sure to read the safety note about crafting with magnets, found at the end of yesterday’s post.


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4 thoughts on “More Paper Doll Fun!

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