Friday Flop

It’s time for the Friday Flop, the sharing of that project that just didn’t turn out QUITE like it was supposed to.  Or didn’t turn out AT ALL, as is the case in the second of my two flops in the last 36 hours. 

First, my original flop, which occurred yesterday morning.  I finally got out my sewing machine.  It’s nice, or so I hear.  A Singer model 2662, if that means anything to you.  62 stitch functions from 39 built-in stitches!  Automatic one-step buttonhole!  Top drop-in bobbin!  Drop feed!  I’m not bragging, I don’t even know what any of this means yet.  But I’m determined to figure it out! 

So, first project?  A blanket for the Little People house.   Those poor Little People get very cold at night.  I went to my fabric stash and came back with a lovely Christmas fabric.  It’s not that I’m trying to start the celebration in October like Lowe’s, it’s just that I only have three fabrics in my stash, and I have plans for the others :).  Give me a little time, I’ll catch up!  So, with my children watching excitedly, I turned the machine on.  I cut my two pieces of fabric, put them right-sides together (I’ve learned something from these blogs!), lifted the presser foot, placed the fabric, and stepped on that pedal!  Heavenly mercies abound, it was still threaded from the last (and only) time I have ever used it, about five years ago.  I wasn’t even the one who threaded it then, but I was at least wise enough to leave it that way! 

I may have skipped a few important steps in my sewing process, however.  One, pinning the fabric together.  Two, putting the presser foot BACK DOWN.  It really makes a world of difference, who knew?  I figured out that error as I finished the THIRD side of my little blanket (which I wanted to stuff and make fluffy, hence two pieces of fabric).  I was so excited by this discovery that I did the entire fourth side in a jiffy, completely FORGETTING to leave a HOLE for the STUFFING!  So, out came the seam ripper.  Or what I at least thought was a seam ripper, and did serve the purpose.  Bless my Grandma for giving me her sewing basket, I’m stocked with the basics to get started!  I think anyway…  So, I made a hole, which then became much larger than intended…but never fear, it was perfect for the four little hands that quickly stuffed that blanket with cotton balls.  It’s kind of more of a pillow now than a blanket…  So I turned to hand sewing to sew up that little (or perhaps rather large by now) hole, and, HERE IT IS, MY FIRST SEWING PROJECT!


Apparently sewing in a straight line is a LEARNED skill.  Possibly made easier by using the presser foot.  But it’s functional, right?  And definitely useful.  Those Little People really appreciate it as we dip into the 40s at night now.  And my own little people thought it was pretty cool too.

So, armed with my newfound skills, and ready to learn from my past flop, I decided to make bean bags today!  Same fabric, cut pieces, pinned them this time (I’m ahead already!), head to the sewing machine, lift presser foot, place fabric, LOWER PRESSER FOOT (point number two!) and proceed to sew.  I sew two whole sides, when suddenly I realize, THERE ARE NO STITCHES!  And then I see, the needle is unthreaded.  Oh boy.  Instant death of the project, right there.  But I was sure I could figure it out.  So I got out that instruction manual I’ve been poring over for several weeks now, positive that it would make sense now that I actually had the machine out, and began following directions.  Really?!  Do they include little cameras in these booklets to catch the look of complete bewilderment on my face to give them a reason to indulge in fits of hysterical laughter?  I can do calculus people, I can write a thirty-page thesis with fifty sources, I can come up with activities to teach and entertain preschoolers to high schoolers, but I cannot thread a needle.  Seriously?! 

This is the TRUE Friday flop, right here, after about five attempts, three of which I thought had been successful, at threading this stubborn machine:

Not pretty, is it?  But just you wait Mr. Bean Bag, I’ll have you sewn and stuffed yet!  Next Friday I’ll have another flop, but it won’t be you! 

I’m not the only one with flops, am I?  One day I’m going to have my own link party, and it’s going to be the Friday Flop.  I hope you’ll join :).


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