The finally (maybe?) finished tree!

The tree is finished!  Maybe?  I’m not quite sure yet.  But here it is.  I was inspired by some awesome decals, but, honestly, they just weren’t in the budget!  So I thought, hey, I could paint that!  [I also thought, hey, I’ll have this finished by May!  This IS May, isn’t it?!]  This is my 1 1/2yo girl E’s room, and I’m doing an international theme, with navy and white plus yellow accents.  This tree is modeled from a silver trumpet tree, native to Central and South America.  This was my inspiration tree:


I love that twisted trunk!  You can see it here, with her bed moved:

I did a floor-to-ceiling tree, rather than a branch, because this is in a little nook in her room, and when she moves to a full-size bed, it probably won’t be located in this space.  This might become the kitchen area or reading nook instead!

I’m still debating whether or not to add more detail to the flowers, and if so, how to do it.  I mostly think it needs it, or needs something, but I’m not quite sure, and I definitely don’t want to take a chance on ruining it before I am sure how to proceed!  Any suggestions?

Here’s a detail of the real flowers of this tree:

I wish I could grow one of these here!  If you happen to live in southern Florida, you can!

Overall, I’m pleased.  In this nook area I still plan to hang her name that I’ve made by bending wire, and a ribbon chandelier with little dragonflies glued onto the ribbon (navy ribbon, white dragonflies).  I have some amazing Japanese yukata fabric I really want to hang on either side of her bed, too, like 2 curtain panels (this fabric is only 14″ wide), but we’ll see if the husband goes for the ceiling-mounted curtain rod.  He’s been a little resistant on that one.  Here’s one last look, and please leave a comment if you have an opinion or idea about the flowers!  Thanks!


Celebrating a (potentially) finished project at Craft Schooling Sun.Post logo kojodesigns and !


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