Noah’s Ark + Animal Classification!

My 4yo made these beautiful creations!  For the rainbow, I drew the lines and put a little spot of each color paint in the correct place, then let him paint the rest of the stripe!   He loves painting!  The Noah’s ark is even better.  We were studying animals, and learning what types of animals exist: reptiles, mammals, insects, mollusks, arthropods, sponges, etc.  We live near a zoo, so we make frequent trips there, and he loves learning new things about the animals each time.  I always try to incorporate the Bible into our studies, rather than have it be something completely separate, so I came up with this!  On this Noah’s ark, there is only one of each animal (in the interest of space), but each lives in a flap with others of its class, order, or phylum (depending on how it was easiest for him to classify them). 

To make the ark, I cut out two identical ark-shaped pieces of posterboard.  On one I drew boxes, indicating where each type of animal would go.  The mammals box definitely needs to be the biggest!  You’ll want to already have your animals before you do this, to make sure you have enough space for each kind.  I cut flaps in the piece that would be the top, cutting on three sides of the boxes I had drawn.  Then I laid it on top of the second piece, and traced the cutouts.

I let him paint the top piece, and glue the animals in the appropriate categories on the bottom piece.  It took him a few days to completely finish all of this; I didn’t push him when he lost interest, though I did want to make sure he completed it to get that great sense of satisfaction! 

Then I carefully glued the top piece (painted) onto the bottom piece (with the animals), and there you have a lift-the-flap, learn-animal-classification, spectacular Noah’s ark!  It’s so beautiful, and was such a big project for him that I’ve found a permanent place for it.  Some projects just can’t go into a closet!


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