The frugal fine art gallery

I finally found a place for these “paintings”: project complete! 

I love impressionism.  Monet and Van Gogh are my favorites, for now at least.  I really, really wanted to have lots of great paintings hanging on my walls, but who can afford that?  I’m sure someone can, but it isn’t me!  So, here’s my solution: inexpensive print of favorite fine art + artist canvas + blue paint + modge podge + clear finishing spray = art gallery!!!

Seriously, it was that easy.  I bought some canvasses that were a bit larger than my prints, painted normal latex paint around the edges for a border (this does require 2-3 coats of paint), modge podged the print onto the canvas, used a brush with modge podge to paint over the whole thing and give the effect of brush strokes, as though it were the real thing, and then spray with clear finish once it’s all dry!  The paint color, if you’re dying to know, is Ming Vase from Ace Hardware/Westlake. 

No one is going to think I did these myself, but they have been fooled into thinking they were reproductions on canvas!  For me, it beats hanging the prints on the wall with thumbtacks!  What’s your favorite way to incorporate fine art into your home?

Here’s one last look:

And I thought I’d add the larger ones I have as well:

For these ones, I had my husband cut some plywood to make a frame.  He cut it about 4 inches larger than the print (on each side).  Then he attached 1x1s around the edges, so that it would stick out from the wall just like a the canvas does.   I painted the wood (you only need to paint the part around the edges that will show!), attached the print with modge podge, and again modge podged over the top with brush strokes, to give it that “real painting” feel.  I really love how it turned out, and it was REALLY inexpensive!!!   Both of these large ones (prints are 36×24) together cost less than $15!  A perfect way to get my art gallery. 

I’m celebrating another finished project with a party at:



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