Beans and Plagues…not necessarily related.

Need a fun project for kids?  You need nothing more than dried beans, Elmer’s glue, and paper!  And you can make it as educational as you desire.

Here are our bean drawings from today (4yo on left, 1.5yo on right):

Our letter of the day was “r”, so my 4yo glued beans onto the letters I’d written on the paper for him.  My 1.5yo had a rectangle, and while she started by putting them on (or near) the lines, her work quickly became more free form.  I’m okay with that, I think both turned out wonderfully!

And the plagues.  We’re finishing up a unit on Ancient Egpyt, which included studying Joseph and then Moses, so of course we’ve been covering the plagues!  This particular little project was begun over two weeks ago, but my 4yo lost his motivation…further demonstrating what I had suspected, that he has inherited from me that terrible tendency to not complete his projects.  So today we sat down together, and I said I would either cut or glue for him so we could get it finished.  I thought the actual finishing of the project was more important in this case than him doing every step completely independently.  He’s capable of doing it all, skill-wise, but there are a few mental blocks, with which I can, of course, relate. 🙂  He decided he’d prefer to cut, so I said I would glue the remaining pieces as he cut them out and told me where they belonged, but my 1.5yo volunteered to [wo]man the glue stick and relieved me of all responsibility except pointing out the correct location for massive amounts of glue.

For this project, I printed out one sheet with numbers 1-10, one sheet with the names of the plagues (a writing practice sheet so he could trace them, too), and one sheet with fun images representing each plague.  These little cartoons came from, and the link to the post with the images she so graciously shared is here.  I wrote numbers 1-10 next to the name of each plague to signal which came first, etc., as well as by the pictures.  Then he had to match the number with the appropriate word and picture, cut out all three, and glue to a separate piece of paper.  He did the first three plagues without problem on the day I presented the project, then decided finishing was a little daunting and resisted all my efforts to encourage him to return to it, until today. 

But here is the final project!

When finished, we did our “project finished!” silly dance, and shared Oreos.  What better way to celebrate?


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