The Name Explained

There may be people who choose a random name for their blogs, but I find it far more likely that names have a story behind them, or at least some kind of rationale.  Mine certainly does.  So, in case you’re interested, here it is! 

I am, indeed, extremely practical.  I try to do everything in the most efficient way that works for me.  I’m not overly concerned with doing things according to tradition.  In fact, I rather enjoy bucking that tradition when it’s really something silly.  For example, when I married my husband, I stood on his right side.  Why?  Because I *always* stand on that side of him.  Standing on the other side would be weird, even if it is tradition.  From what I could find, that tradition stems from a (presumably right-handed) man needing to be able to have ready access to his sword.  As there were no swords involved in our ceremony, I failed to see the need to continue that particular tradition.   And, the guests (scandal ahead) sat on the wrong (traditionally-speaking) sides of the church!  There are more important examples, such as how we choose to celebrate holidays, raise our children, et cetera, but you get the idea.

This, of course, is the English translation of “perfeccionista”, which happens to be Spanish.  I’m bilingual; I studied Spanish in high school and college, lived and studied abroad in Ecuador, and have developed ties with the Latino community in both places I’ve lived as an adult.  I speak Spanish exclusively with my children, so it’s definitely a heart language for me, and an important part of my life.  And the perfectionism?  Well, I was born with that.  I finally discovered, however, what those of you who are wiser knew long ago: being a perfectionist is simply not practical!  So I am fighting my natural perfectionism that causes me to obsess over unimportant details or refuse to attempt something that I believe might turn out less than perfectly.   I’m turning to what I describe as healthy perfectionism: trying to be perfect, as my heavenly Father is perfect (c.f. Matthew 5:48).  I can’t achieve this on my own, but I can trust Him to make me a little more like Jesus each day.  The natural perfectionist in me would like to say that every day brings progress, but I think I’ll have to be honest and say there are definitely days when I take a few steps back… 🙂 

Well, I’ve made some progress on another project, but I need some more supplies, and I just can’t show it to you until it’s perfect….so pictures to come later!


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