Alphabet Hunt!

My four year old loves projects, but he also needs to be on the move. I’m not sure yet if he’s a strong bodily-kinesthetic learner, or just a boy! In any case, our alphabet hunt today was great fun. I typed up the letters, cut them out, and hid them around the room. Then he had to find them and glue them onto his mini poster in the correct order. While he knows all of his letters, he doesn’t know the order yet, and he still needs the left-to-right reading and writing concept reinforced. To help him out, I made a poster beforehand that he could look at as a guide. He did it all by himself, and loved it! And he was so proud to have completed it. I sense that I have passed on to him some of my inability to finish projects completely, so I’m trying to give him opportunities to become a project-finisher while he is still young! You’ll have to look closely to figure out which poster is mine and which is his, he did such a great job. If you look that closely, you’ll also notice some extra letters; this was a Spanish alphabet hunt, as we’re bilingual.
If you have little ones with ants in their pants, try this out! We frequently hide project parts before putting them together, it’s just so much fun! But don’t forget where you hid everything… 🙂


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