Name and Pin Board Sun

I finished a project!  This was already on the wall, but put up with sticky-tak, causing most of the letters to go askew and one to fall off completely – very alarming in the middle of the night :).  It took me about 30 minutes to replace the letters and then use Command strips to hang them back up.  Do you use those?  They don’t damage the walls!  There are more sophisticated methods of hanging such things, but I went with simple and quick! 

 It wouldn’t have taken so long except the perfeccionist in me wanted these letters to be in *EXACTLY* the right places.  However, the practical part of me won out and I decided to pay attention to my two little ones instead of the letter placement, which you will definitely notice when you look at the “R”.  I may have to redo it.  I’m fighting that debilitating perfectionism, but I’m not sure I can stand this one :).  Well, here it is:

We have planets hanging over his bed (hopefully soon to be replaced by papier mache planets!), and needed a sun, and needed something with his name on it, and needed a place for him to tack special pictures and such that he wanted to put on his wall.  Thus was born the sun-shaped name-featuring pin board!  I used some hand-dyed fabric I found on Etsy (Ruby Mountain Dye Works, awesome!) and covered pieces of foam I had cut out.  The foam came in a large sheet at Lowe’s, for $8!  Here’s how it looks in use:


That’s one project complete!  Now I’m going to go bask in that sense of accomplishment.

To further that sense of accomplishment, I linked up to these fun parties:

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5 thoughts on “Name and Pin Board Sun

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  3. What a great idea for bedroom decor. You did such a nice job.

    Thanks for linking up at Serving Pink Lemonade!

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